how to use the centerpoint

How to use the centerpoint tape measure

How the patented CenterPoint Center-finding scale works

Being in the business for a while (a bit over 140 years…) we do get asked questions about how to use our measuring tools. Today I’ll take a shot at explaining the CenterPoint center finding scale, and how to use it when working with our CenterPoint tape measures, bench tape, or rulers.

Actually, this will be pretty simple. It is very easy to use!!!

But first, to build suspense and give some added value, here’s a quick reminder on how to read an Imperial, or English, measuring scale. We are going to have a future blog post on the features and how to properly read a tape measure, so this will be fast.

I’ll base the how-to on our CenterPoint tape measure because not only can you use this tape to find the center of whatever you are measuring, you can use it for ALL your measuring needs. Our scale has all standard English markings, including 16” centers, and Black Diamonds for laying out engineered trusses (but that’s another post for another day).

Features of the CenterPoint tape measure blade

Our CenterPoint tape measure has markings for Feet, Inches, and 16ths along the upper half of the blade. You can read it as Feet, Inches, half, quarter, eighths, and sixteenths of an inch, or as Inches and fractions (1/2, 1/4, 1/8, 1/16).

desk measurement detail1

For example, my desk measures 6 Feet, 1 and 1/4 Inches long or 73 ¼” long. Here’s what that looks like on the tape scale.

So now, on to using the CenterPoint scale as promised.

desk measurement detail2

1. Begin by taking the measurement of your item. You’ll find that number on the top edge of the blade-this is the ‘Imperial’ or ‘English’ scale. Let’s go back to measuring the length of my desk. Remember, the length of the desk is 6’ 1 ¼” long, or 73 ¼”.

You’ll want to think in terms of ‘inches’ as your reference of measurement to keep it simple.

desk centerpoint

2. Next, find THAT SAME NUMBER on the bottom edge of the scale. This is the center of what you are measuring.

Don’t complicate things-just look for that same number and markings.

The bottom edge has a half- scale so when you find your measurement on top and match it to the half measurement on the bottom, you have essentially divided your measurement in two and have found the mid-point, or CENTER of your object. All without doing any math!

The CenterPoint scale can be used for many different applications from remodeling and decorating (think Picture Hanging! or installing drawer pulls), to layout and construction jobs (like tile setting or framing). The unique center-finding scale is available on 16’ and 25’ tape measures, an adhesive backed bench tape, and 12” and 24” stainless steel rulers.

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