Deadblow Hammer

How to Properly Use a Dead Blow Hammer

dead blow hammer is a mallet-like tool used to absorb tremors that occur when the hammer strikes.

It’s a useful tool in that it prevents damage to soft surfaces, while reducing the amount of rebound and improving the striking force of the hammer. They’re great tools for tapping joints together, or knocking them apart.

The head of these hammers is typically hollow and partially filled with steel shot, lead shot or sand to distribute the energy of the strike over a longer stretch of time.

And while these may not be precision tools, there is a precise way to use a dead blow hammer. Here are a few tips to make sure you’re wielding this tool safely and wisely.


As we said above, dead blow hammers contain a lot of loose particles which help stop the vibrations formed when the hammer strikes.

And the surface that you’ll be striking might be made of a material that can break upon impact and send debris flying. Therefore, it’s important to wear eye protection with this kind of hammer, and to avoid using it to hammer nails, strike chisels or hit other sharp objects.


Dead blow hammers can be made from several varied materials, including polyurethane and aluminum, which can break when hitting a solid surface using a lot of force. Even if the hammer doesn’t break, repeated excessive force will shorten the tool’s life cycle.


Another way to make sure you’re using dead blow hammers properly: make sure you only use them on small, short jobs. This kind of hammer isn’t meant for jobs that require a lot of force, such as hammering through walls.

If you need to use the hammer for more difficult tasks, make sure it’s made with a secondary coating that guards the hammer from damage.


Keep your hammer safe by storing it in a secure space, somewhere where you can protect it against damage from dropping or having other tools stacked on top of it.

Like any tool, a dead blow hammer will treat you well if you treat it well. And if you need a new dead blow hammer for your tool kit, U.S. Tape can help.

We carry six size varieties of dead blow hammers, with a controlled swing that allows for less fatigue and an extended use. 

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