Comparing Our DuraWheel Models. Which Measuring Wheel is Best for You?

Today, let’s compare our four DuraWheel measuring wheel models to find out which measuring wheel is best for you. We have four different wheels that we offer. 


The first wheel that I want to talk to you about is our DW- 500. This is our most compact wheel as well as our base model wheel. It’s a trifold. It simply locks into place and has this ergonomic pistol grip on top that makes rolling it around super smooth, very easy on your hands, doesn’t hurt your wrist, doesn’t do any of that. Very nice to use. This one has only a six inch diameter wheel and the counter does come in either imperial or metric, depending on your needs.


The next wheel in our lineup is a DW- 1000. Now you’re going to notice some pretty big differences right off the bat between this and the DW- 500 I just showed you. First of all, the DW- 1000 has a 12 and a half inch diameter wheel instead of the six inch wheel like we saw on the DW- 500. We also have this handle here for easy carry, and this is a simple bifold instead of the trifold, we also have a kickstand on the DW- 1000 that simply slides up into place. Same ergonomic handgrip and you’re ready to roll. You do have the same options with the counter for imperial or metric. Simple reset here. That’s the DW-1000.

Digi Pro

Next in the lineup is our DuraWheel DigiPro. The DigiPro is the digital version of our DuraWheel. Much like the DW-1000, we have the handle here for easy carrying and then it simply folds up and locks into position. You also have the same folding kickstand located on the back. Now on the pistol handgrip here, you’ll notice the trigger operated brake. Simply squeeze the brake which will stop your wheel and stop your counter. The nice thing about having the digital counter on the DigiPro is that it actually measures in digital or imperial units. You also have the option of yards, so that’ll give you feet and inches, feet and tenths, meters and centimeters, meters and decimeters, or yards and inches totally up to you and your preference.


Last but certainly not least is our DW-Pro. This is our best selling measuring wheel as well as one of my personal favorites. Much like the DW DigiPro and the DW-1000, you have this handle here for easy carry. It simply folds up, locks into position, kickstand up and you’re ready to go. Now, like on the DW DigiPro on the handgrip here you will find the same brake system, but you also have a counter reset on the DW-Pro as well. So you can use either this one up here or the one down here, whichever is your preference. Just like all the others, the counter comes in imperial or metric measurements. But I also want to point out that on all of our measuring wheels, you do have a down arrow for placement on your wheel. And we also have the debris scraper. So that keeps your wheel clean, free of all debris.

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