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Who We Are

Founded by surveyor Justice Roe in 1876 US Tape has been an innovator in the invention and manufacture of steel tape measures and the printing press design that continue to serve as an industry benchmark today. US Tape was purchased by private equity group RAF Industries in 1998. It’s current President and shareholder, Peter Rosenquist, has been at the helm since 2000. US Tape is a company that looks back proudly on its 140 plus year history as it continues to look forward in its pursuit of being one of the premier manufacturers and distributors of innovative, high quality products to the hardware industry.

Our Brands

In its more recent history under the leadership of Peter Rosenquist, US Tape has developed or acquired several brands expanding its presence in the hardware industry, including Spencer Product Company, the manufacturer of the Spencer Logger’s Tape, Durawheel with its industry-leading design of measuring wheels, Stringliner with its patented handle design for mason twine, Kapro a global leader in Levels and Lasers and most recently Occidental Leather a US manufacturer and industry leader in tool belt systems located in Sonoma, CA.

Today we operate two manufacturing facilities one located in Pennsburg, Pennsylvania and one in Sonoma, California. We proudly employ over 150 workers and produce many of our products here in the United States.

Dedication to Customer Service

The core of our reputation, based on more than 140 years of experience, is our dedication to producing quality products, providing good value and meeting the needs of our customers. At U.S. Tape Company we understand that our lasting success starts and ends with the customer.
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more than 140 years

U.S. Tape's Rich History

  • Justus Roe Founds Roe & Sons

    Justus Roe

    In 1876, Justus Roe of Patchogue, New York, decided to go into the business of manufac­turing steel tape measures. Roe was a surveyor by trade. He wanted to make a measuring tool to replace the heavy ‘chains’ they had to use in surveying

  • The First Factory

    Roe&Sons 1st factory 1900-1960-BKM

    The steel tapes were selling so well that in 1900 a fac­tory was built in Patchogue where orders could be handled from start to finish. The tapes needed to be checked on a flat surface because holding them in sus­pension would produce a catenary which would make it difficult to check the correctness of the measurement. This was done on a 100-foot board. The factory was built 103 feet long to accommodate the board needed to check 100-foot tapes.

  • Roe & Sons Moves and Improves

    circa 1962 worker

    In 1960, the company moved to River Road bordering the Patchogue River. At that time it was apparent that a faster way to print the tapes was needed. The printing press they were using produced only 6,000 feet per man per day. They had been improving the press with creative in­novations since the first one was installed, and by 1960 they had a press that could produce 200,000 feet per man per day, which was a benchmark press for the industry.

  • Under New Ownership

    irwin auger bit company

    Roe International was purchased by Irwin Tool Company, which renamed it Irwin Measuring Tool Company. It was an interesting merger, for the Irwin Tool Company’s history also went back to the nineteenth century and both had founders who gave up profes­sional careers to manufacture tools. Charles Irwin, a pharmacist in Ohio, bought a blacksmith’s patent rights or a solid center auger bit and formed Irwin Auger Bit Company in 1884. Irwin Measuring Tool Com­pany continued the Roe tradition of producing world-class tape mea­sures under the leadership of its president, Carol Basset.

  • U.S. Tape is Born

    US Tape Logo on gray

    In 1990, Carol Basset bought the company and renamed it U.S. Tape. The company was reorganized to make it more efficient. Whereas before each worker’s job was specialized, now workers were assigned to cells working as teams.

  • RAF Industries Buys U.S. Tape and Expands

    US Tape Building

    U.S. Tape was sold again in 1998 to RAF Industries, the present owners. Keeping the name U.S. Tape, they ex­panded to include a forestry product line, added a pri­vate label program which has been successful and continued to make tapes for the United State govern­ment. U.S. Tape remains one of the last companies manufacturing tape measures in the United States. By being able to offer more personal service and fill or­ders faster, they are able to compete with companies that are outsourcing. The company Justus Roe founded in 1876 is still producing steel tape measures. This many years of innovations and creative im­provements on the steel tape measure is truly a remark­able achievement.

*Portions of this content has been taken from “Justus Roe & Sons Makers of Steel Tape Measures since 1876” by Louise Muse