Measuring Wheels 101: DuraWheel Uses and Benefits


Something that we’re commonly asked is “what are measuring wheels used for?” So today we’re going to answer that question and go over some of the most common uses for our DuraWheel measuring wheels. First things first, if you’re not familiar with a measuring wheel, they’re devices that allow you to measure distances accurately and easily. They’re often used in construction, landscaping and other fields where long distance measurements might be required.


One common use for a measuring wheel is surveying. Surveyors often use measuring wheels to measure distances in the field as they’re quick and easy to use. They can be particularly helpful when working in rough or uneven terrain, as they can easily navigate over obstacles like stones or uneven pavement.


Measuring wheels are also great for contractors or DIYers to measure the distance of a path or a driveway. This can be helpful for estimating materials needed, such as gravel or paving stones. It can also be used to measure the distance around a property or building in order to help ensure you have enough materials for the size of your project.


Measuring wheels are also frequently used in landscaping. They can help you measure the distance between garden plots or help determine the square footage of your lawn. This can be especially helpful if you’re working on a large project since it can help you plan out the layout and ensure you have enough material or adequate space for a new addition.


Another use for a measuring wheel is in construction. A measuring wheel can be a helpful tool for determining the size of a project like a deck or a patio. It can also be helpful for measuring the distance between two points, such as the distance between support beams in a building, places where a traditional 25 foot tape measure aren’t going to cut it.


But what makes DuraWheel the best choice for these tasks? When it comes to choosing a measuring wheel, durability and accuracy are key, and that’s why we offer DuraWheel measuring wheels. DuraWheel measuring wheels are built to last with sturdy materials and a solid design. They’re also easy to read with clear counter displays and imperial or metric units or a digital counter that can switch between imperial or metric units. DuraWheel counters are also belt driven to ensure longevity and even have a limited lifetime warranty. DuraWheel also have a range of features that can be useful in the field such as a built in kickstand, an ergonomic hand grip, a balanced in-line design, and the ability to fold for easy carrying and storage. So whether you’re a professional contractor or DIY enthusiast, a DuraWheel measuring wheel can be a valuable tool for your projects.

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