Kapro Prolaser 3D All-Lines Laser 883G


The Kapro Prolaser 3D All-Lines Laser 883G automatically determines the horizontal and vertical planes, and also features a manual mode for tilted marking. The laser projects one horizontal 360° and 2 orthogonal 360° vertical beams that intersect on 4 walls, floor and ceiling. It is ideal for accurately laying out right angles for flooring, drywall installation and deck construction; leveling slopes (manual mode); framing and aligning windows and doors. It has an indoor laser range of 65 Ft., outdoor range (with detector) of 230 Ft., and an accuracy of 1/8 In. at 50 Ft. A laser target, lithium ion battery, battery charger, multifunctional magnetic mount, beamfinder glasses, and a hard carry case are included.