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Since 1876, U.S. Tape has been providing unique, dependable, top-quality tools to hardworking professionals in an array of industries. From time-honored products like Spencer™ loggers tapes, U.S. Tape™ oil gauging tapes, and DuraWheel™ measuring wheels to cutting-edge technologies like Kapro™ lasers and levels, our innovative, professional-level tools get the job done accurately and efficiently.

Every tool in the U.S. Tape family is designed to make your job easier by maximizing performance and reducing mistakes. With specialized designs for your industry, you’ll find the right tool for every job, backed by our commitment to outstanding quality, value, and customer service.
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U.S. Tape Innovation

Kapro Levels

Whether you’re looking for spirit levels, digital and laser levels, or layout, marking, or measuring tools, Kapro has you covered. Kapro’s professional aluminum levels are renowned for their precision and toughness.

Spencer Products Co

Spencer Products

Manufactured in Pennsburg, PA, Spencer loggers tapes are the industry standard for loggers, arborists, and other forestry specialists. Choose from a range of blade lengths and scales to fit your specialty.

Whether you’re building a house or working in the logging industry, accuracy is essential. 

national institute of standards and technology
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U.S. Tape Oil gauging tapes
U.S. Tape Oil

U.S. Tape oil gauging tapes are strong and durable with a corrosion-resistant frame. They meet or exceed the requirements of the API and have NIST certification available.


DuraWheel measuring wheels are professional-grade tools built for rugged commercial use. All are available in either feet/10ths or meters/centimeters.

Custom Logo

Promote your company with full-color custom labels for a wide variety of our measuring tapes. Design your own or send your logo to our art department for expert assistance.


Stringliner is a trusted leader in the mason and construction twine market. Our patented line reels are reloadable and easy to rewind, making your job easier.


ChalkShot provides the only quick and easy, high visibility non-permanent marking solution for drilling blind holes to affix brackets, handles and other items on hard to mark surfaces

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