U.S. Tape Company Anniversary

U.S. Tape Company is celebrating it’s anniversary. We are marking our 140th year in business.

Early History

Roe & Sons factory on Main St. in Patchogue, NY
Roe & Sons factory, Main St. Patchogue, NY

Founded in 1876 by surveyor, civil engineer,  and inventor Justus Roe, the company started in a small building on Main St. in Patchogue, NY. At first, the long surveyor’s tape measures that were sold were actually manufactured in larger factories in Brooklyn and NYC. The tapes could reach 100′ in length, so the factory had to be longer than that to accommodate the board that was used to inspect the tapes when laid out full length.

When demand for these measuring tapes became great, Justus moved the manufacturing operation to a larger factory in Patchogue and began producing tape measures there so orders could be handled from start to finish in one location.

Need to Expand

After a while, even larger facilities were needed and the company moved three more times, all within the Patchogue area, until U.S. Tape moved it’s operations and factory to Pennsburg, PA in January of 2007. We still produce a line of short and long tapes, as well as oil gauging tapes at this location.

U.S. Tape Company now located in Pennsburg, PA
U.S. Tape Company facility, Pennsburg, PA

Our company has undergone quite a few name changes over the years as well-from Roe & Sons,  to Roe International, to Irwin Measuring Tool Company, and finally to U.S. Tape Company. As a side note, the name U.S. Tape actually stands for Universal Steel Tape Co.!

Read more in depth about the interesting early history of U.S. Tape in the accompanying pdf “Justus Roe & Sons, Est. 1876 Second Oldest Patchogue Business”, originally printed in the Patchogue Advance in 1971.

Look for further posts about the history of U.S. Tape Company in the future.



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