Accurately Reading a Tape Measure

A tool is only as good as the person using it.

That’s an old saying, but a true one, and something that applies to tape measures as well. They’re only effective if the person using them knows how to get an accurate reading.

In this blog post, we’re going to look at how to accurately read a tape measure.

Essential features

inch designationsLet’s begin by reviewing the essential parts of an “Imperial” or “English” tape measure:

1. Inch designations

On a tape measure that uses imperial units – as opposed to the metric system – the most prominent markings are typically the inch marks, designated by long, thin lines and larger numbers. You will see a foot designation marked every 12 inches (sometimes in a box as in the picture, or sometimes the number will be shown in red).

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Hidden Features of Measuring Tape

Fractional Read Tape Measure

Are you getting the most out of your tape measure?

That might seem like a silly question. After all, a measuring tape is a simple device with a simple – although important – purpose: to measure things.

But there’s more to this tool than meets the eye. Here are a few hidden features you will find within in your tape measure.

1. The curve

Have you ever wondered why the blade on a tape measure is curved? The concave design helps keep the blade rigid when extended. This curve allows the blade to “stand out” while measuring, helping you read the measurement.

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How to Use the CenterPoint Tape Measure

CenterPoint Center-finding tape measureIn honor of National Tape Measure Day on July 14, 2017, we’d like to shine the spotlight on one of our favorites – the CenterPoint tape. Let me tell you a bit about:

How the patented CenterPoint Center-finding scale works

Being in the business for a while (a bit over 140 years…) we do get asked questions about how to use our measuring tools. Today I’ll take a shot at explaining the CenterPoint center finding scale, and how to use it when working with our CenterPoint tape measures, bench tape, or rulers.

Actually, this will be pretty simple. It is very easy to use!!!

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Properly Maintaining Your Tape Measure

US Tape measures

“Take care of your [fill in the blank], and it will take care of you.”

We’ve seen that sentiment applied to everything from cars to employees to the human body.

Today we’re going to – pardon the pun – extend that idea to tape measures. When you treat it with the proper care, it will provide you with accurate, reliable measurements. Here are a few steps for properly maintaining your tape measure.

1. Control the blade

It is never a smart idea to let the tape measure blade whip back into the case. This can cause damage to the inner workings, the end hook and the blade markings. It’s also dangerous: you can injure your fingers, eyes and the people around you.

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